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Location:  715 Main Street Nashville,TN 37206        Phone:  (615)256-2327

Crossroads Counseling Associates, LLC commits to being an active partner with individuals as well as the court and judicial systems in the Middle Tennessee area and out of state.  It is of utmost importance to us to provide a service to the community by providing exemplary services to the court and probation.  We do this by making full reports to the referral sources monthly or more often if needed. Contact us if you need individual group counseling, court ordered counseling, domestic violence counseling or businesses needing anger management or conflict resolution. 

Anger Management Classes (weekly, 8 hour, and by contract for businesses needing conflict resolution)

Certified Batterers Intervention (weekly classes, some classes can be taken with substance abuse if needed)

Substance Abuse (weekly classes)

Issuses in Honesty (anti-shoplifting course; Wednesdays only)

Parenting Classes (2 day class offered once every quarter)

Alcohol and Drug Assessments (by appointment)